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15 Signs He Just Wants to be Friends with Benefits

Why not tell him the truth? You are being direct now, because you have gotten yourself into a bind.

Ask a Guy: How to Turn a Friends-With-Benefits Into Something More

Consequently, you have decided to risk losing his friendship in order to respect yourself and potentially gain a proper boyfriend. You got yourself into this bind because you were afraid to stand up for what you want. You realize now that it is uncomfortable to live this way, not to mention potentially unsafe, if boyfriend is sleeping around unprotected. The only way out of this bind is to stand up for what your real feelings are, and that means to tell this guy the truth.

If you are demanding that he choose between you and other girls, you have to stop sleeping with him if he stalls, ignores you which he did last time , or otherwise does anything other than commit to you. I mean, how hard can it be?

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  5. Friends With Benefits?

Here are 10 signs that he likes you more than a friend with benefits:. Friends with benefits do not care about each other, at least not in an emotional or more-than-friendly kind of way. This is a sellout. In other words, he wants to be involved with you for signs that he likes you more than a friend with benefits.

So if he attempts to grab coffee or hit the bar with you, his interest in you is definitely more than skin-deep. Stephanie Huynh, a sophomore at Lehigh University, could attest to this. If you can't start there, it's not a good beginning. A significant other is someone you will ultimately end up sharing most of your feelings with and being able to communicate with them honestly is vital to a healthy relationship.

16 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend With Benefits

Moving forward can be a scary thing. Maybe you can be the next Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf.

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