Is a 17 year old dating a 22 year old wrong

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I've tried to date people my own age honestly, but the problem is, once you hit my age in your 20's, it is VERY difficult to find people that aren't pregnant or already have someone else's kid S. I know theres people that have done it and lived a decent life, but I rather not inherit all the drama that may come with it like baby daddy issues and such. Where I work at Costco, the median age range is , and I swear all but maybe 3 girls there are pregnant or have a kid, heck theres one girl who just turned 21 and has TWO kids!. I made it quite clear to her that if we're gonna date I'm not having sex with her till shes 18 and if she likes me as much as she thinks shes does she'll wait, so far shes agreed to it.

The age of consent where I live in Oregon is 18, but I don't see what the harm of dating is, especially beings it can be defined as many different things.

How Young is Too Young to Date?

If your just doing things like eating somewhere or talking under the stars while sitting under a tree and leaning against each other till 1 in the morning like we've done before, I don't see whats so wrong with that. If the only people available to you are folks you'd never consider dating, maybe you ought to consider figuring how you can move up in the world. I've taken that advice myself. Originally Posted by fortyninethousand When I was 21 there was a 17 year old girl I worked with who had a thing for me.

Is 19 year old dating 17 year old wrong/creepy?

I would have dated her except for the age thing. And the only reason I even entertained the thought at all was because other women especially ones my own age wanted nothing to do with me. Originally Posted by PhillyDude.

I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

Come on a 4 year difference? She was a year away from Not like you was 21 and she was LOL 22 yrs old wanting to date a 17 yr old sounds like you don't want to grow up and date someone your own age. She's a teenager, your a legal drinking age adult. This is one of those cases where I think age does matter. Shaymin , Aug 7, Rainman , Aug 7, Don't get sexual until she's 18 it helps not being too close or touchy feely.

Otherwise, no, I don't see anything wrong with it. GameGeek , Aug 7, CodeVeronica , Aug 7, EliteBooty , Aug 7, No of course not.

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Wormz1 , Aug 7, CrusherMania , Aug 7, Aug 8, SluttyTeerex , Aug 8, Aug 6, Messages: FearTheSponge , Aug 8, Last edited by SluttyTeerex , Aug 8, Aug 9, JohnJoestar , Aug 9, BoyfromBrazil , Aug 9, When John and Lauren are 60, the creepiness rule allows them to date anyone older than themselves the official cap is However, society places more restrictive age limits of 71 and 75 respectively. Overall, the creepiness rule does not accurately represent what people find socially acceptable; people are more judgmental than what the creepiness rule implies.

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If the creepiness rule is wrong, then I needed a new rule to guide my non-existent love life. As I reviewed the data, I realized that one rule was not enough. When it comes to dating older, women have the advantage. According to the survey, a 20 year-old John can date someone who is However, when Lauren is 30, she is supposed to date someone who is at least I not only created separate rules for men and women but also created different rules to determine how old and how young each gender can date. The charts below compares the outputs of the revised rules with the predictions of the original creepiness rule. In almost all scenarios, the revised rules are more restrictive than what the creepiness rule would suggest.

The real rules about old and young you can date

I think there are opportunities to build on this oh-so-important research. What is the actual average age difference between couples?

How would this research translate to same-sex relationships?